Fracking site bows to Earth First! convergence


Following their annual week-long Round River Rendezvous, occurring this year in Pennsylvania’s Allegheny National Forest, Earth First! activists from across the United States successfully shut down a hydraulic fracturing site in the nearby Moshannon State Forest. Read more at Waging Nonviolence

Taking Occupy Wall Street from May Day to every day


The fallout from May Day can be felt in every sector of Occupy Wall Street. Some people say it was one of the greatest days since the movement began and are excited for what comes next. Others left with a sour taste in their mouths, whether by the lack of aggressive actions, or by the police state erected in Lower Manhattan, or by simply being worn down from overwork. Read more at Waging Nonviolence

Anarchy and solidarity on May Day


“So are we in solidarity with each other, or are we united?” This question came up yet again on Monday night, at the final coalition meeting for May Day that included people from organized labor, immigrants’ groups and Occupy Wall Street. Read more at Waging Nonviolence

Why Occupy needs days of action


As I sit in the New York City Police Department’s central booking, which has become my second home over the course of the last 48 hours, I’m reminded again why we keep mounting days of action and protest. Since last Saturday’s  attempt to re-occupy Liberty Square , my role as an organizer in the Occupy movement feels more and more like it did back in the late fall. Read more at Waging Nonviolence